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Hello all!

Im new here - and I wanted to introduce myself a little, even if its frequently boring to read.
So yes, I love Mest and I f!ckin' fancy Tony - I wouldnt be here if not. Im a 21 years girl living in Quebec/Canada, speaking french ... That's the reason why you'll see mistakes - im sorry for those. I adore to dye my hair and do other stuff on me/skin that my parents hate heh I dont know why im saying this.
I never met them in real, that's why it f!ckin' suck to live where I am. There's no good shows, no pretty riot boys, except for the Vans Warped Tour. I just went there past friday 13, and Benji (GC) was oh so great. Do you think they'll be up in the next Vans (Mest)? Or maybe to Canada? I think I'll puke if so, all nervous..
Im open minded to anyone - so if some add me - i usually always add back. So heh yes that's it. There's more about me but im not a good story teller.
Take care everyone! ~

ps.: I wanted to know, if some of you know how approx. tall (more like small) Tony is. just curious.
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